March 3, 2018
SNICKERS® Marathon and Half Marathon

A Top Ten Boston Marathon Qualifier

Half Marathon Course Turn-by-Turn Description

  • The race will travel north in the left lane on Front Street to Oglethorpe. 
  • Turn left on Oglethorpe. 
  • Turn right on Monroe and travel in the far left lane. 
  • Turn left on Pine Avenue and travel west in the far left hand lane. 
  • Turn left on Gillionville and runners will be in the far left hand lane. 
  • Turn right on Dalewood. 
  • Turn soft left on Lullwater. 
  • Turn right on Forest Glen Drive. 
  • Turn left on West Lakeridge Drive. 
  • Turn right on Summit. 
  • Turn right on East Lakeridge Drive. 
  • Turn left on Forest Glen Drive. 
  • Turn right on Pineknoll. 
  • Turn left on Greenwood and cross Dawson Road. 
  • Turn left on Valley. 
  • Turn right on Hilltop and continue around passing Pearl Ave. 
  • Turn left on Hiltop 
  • Turn right on Stuart and travel in the right lane. 
  • Turn right on Homewood. 
  • Turn left on Whispering Pines and travel in the right hand lane. 
  • Cross Slappey (soft right) and turn left 14th Avenue. 
  • Turn right on Palmyra and travel in the right hand lane. 
  • Turn right on 9th Avenue. 
  • Turn left on N. Davis. 
  • Turn left on 7th and run around Rawson Circle to the second 6th Ave. intersection. 
  • Turn left on 6th Ave. 
  • Turn left on Cleveland.Turn left on 5th Ave. 
  • Turn right on Harding. 
  • Turn left on 3rd and run in the left lane around the limesink towards Monroe. 
  • Turn left on Monroe. 
  • Turn right on 5th Avenue. 
  • Turn right on Washington. 
  • Turn left on Roosevelt. 
  • Run through Thronateeska Breezeway. 
  • Turn right and go out the back down the RiverFront Walk. 
  • Finish at RiverFront Park. 


03.03.2018 7:00 82 Days

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